Inductive Load Tester             


Tesec has various types of Inductive Load tester that observes the shape of waves in the inductive load of MOSFET at the turn off and judges whether to pass within the Safety Operation Area (SOA) defined by V-Gate, IH and IL. In addition, the VDS value in the current value provided by IH can be measured.

New Tester 4602-LV:
There is a tendency that MOSFET has Low On Resistance so that it demands that Inductive Load Tester to have higher forcing current for measurement. The forcing current is limited by forcing voltage with previous test method. Thus it becomes difficult to test this kind of middle power range devices.
The 4602-LV has new test method (*VD-OFF mode & Time-Trip mode).
*VD-OFF mode : It is the mode to separate the VD power at Avalanche.
*Time-Trip mode : It turns off the devices after specified time from forcing current.  
Thus it can correspond with high current measurement. In addition, it is able to test wide range of devices by expanding the forcing voltage as 300V and forcing current as 200A.




♦N/P channel can be measured with one test head

♦The Peak Current (IDP) at Avalanche test

  can be measured


♦Gate On Time can be measured

♦Repeat test up to 250 times


♦Multi test function(with fixed VD)

♦Max. 60 test program can be stored

♦VD-OFF mode 4602-LV


♦Time-Trip mode 4602-LV


Software Options


♦Test control software by PC


  (Creating test programs, Data collections, counter)







Applicable Devices

MOSFET, Transistor, IGBT

 Drain Current (Id)

0.5 - 200.0A



 Peak Drain Current (Idp)

0.5 - 250.0A



 Drain Voltage (Vd)

10.0 - 300.0V *



 Base Current (IB)



 Reverse Base Current (Ibr)


Gate Voltage (Vg) 

00.0 -30.0V



 Reverse Gate Voltage (Vgr)

00.0 - 30.0V



 Clamp Voltage




 Voltage Limit

0000 - 2000V




000.0 - 200.0V


 IH Limit

000.5 - 200.0A



 IL Limit

000.1 - 200.0A



 Gate On Time (TG)

000.0us - 9.999ms 



Post-Short Detecting Time(DT)

001us - 9.99ms




*VD-OFF MODE 10.0V200.0V 4602-LV method

*For details specification of each product, please contact us.







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