Discrete Device Test System

      431-TT is a DC Parametric Test System with V/I 
      Source Measurement Modules. 
      This model is designed for Power Device testing and 
      features high-speed test measurement and data
      capture, parallel device testing, auto-calibration, and 
      an on-screen Waveform Monitor.
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      881-TT/A is a High Performance DC Parametric Test 
      System covers wide range of discrete semiconductor 
      devices from small signal devices to power devices. 
      Model 881-TT/A is a single test mode system and 
      381-TT/P is a parallel test mode system.
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      341-TT/P and 351-TT/P are Parallel DC Parametric
      Test System. Capability to perform parallel testing of 
      power discrete devices.
      341-TT/P has 1.2kV/20A capability.
      351-TT/P has 2kV/50A capability.
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      971-TT/B performs parallel testing of 4-pin small
      signal devices.
      391-TT has a capability up to 10A and performs 
      synchronous testing in addition to parallel testing.
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