TAB Handler


The AH9710 is a high-cost-performance auto handler for TCP and COF, which tests the electrical characteristics of ICs inner-bonded to the tape carrier of 35mm, 48mm and 70mm width. 

The TAB tape is sent from the supply reel (up) to the test site at any set pitch and positioned very accurately with respect to X and Y directions. Then the electrical characteristics are tested by the contactor which is connected to the tester. Based on the test results, the tested IC is sorted and the TAB is wound on the receive reel (down). All the processes are automatically performed.





♦Simple initial setup


  Needle alignment assistant function (X/Y/θ/Z)


  Tape set assistant function


♦Active tension control


  Reel motor torque management


  Pneumatic back tension mechanism


♦Improved Image-processing


  Detecting resolution / accuracy is improved by enhanced




♦Punch unit


  Multiple sorting is available by flexible category setup


  and combination of mark punch.


♦Network connection


  Enables remote monitor/control on test result via Ethernet.





 Width & Type

5mmW, 48mmW, 70mmW, 35mmSW, 48mmSW TCP/COF

 Applicable Reels

Max. Diameter φ620mm

 Parallel Testing quantity

Maximum 8pcs (1x1 - 1x8)


ST6730 Test system Yokogawa Electric

ST6730A Test system Yokogawa Electric

* Please consult when connecting with other testers

 Tester Docking Method


 Tester Interface

TTL (Max. 4 parallel test)


*For details, please refer to the standard specification sheets of each product.







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